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Marco Ardigo Is CIK KF1 2007 World Karting Champion!

As predicted Marco Ardigo took title glory in a Vortex dominated World Karting Championship! In an uneventful race, Ardigo took the lead early, and him and Catt stretched away into the lead.

Race analysis below>>

CIK KF1 karting world championship poster

Final Report

Ardigo took the lead early, from Bollingtoft, and Catt in 3rd. Kozlinski was looking good for a decent result, but a coming together with another driver left him falling out of his kart and out of the race.

Catt soon passed Bollingtoft and started to hunt down Ardigo. The race at the mid race point settled down, and spread out. The gap between Catt and Ardigo stabilized at about 0.7.

Reigning champion Fore in the meantime had made it into 11th place by lap 14th after starting on the second row from the back.

Towards the end of the race Ardigo started to stretch his lead, to eventually take the title. The TonyKart/Vortex package continues to look unbeatable at this level.

However driver of the race goes to Fore who finished 7th after starting near the back.

With Bollingtoft finishing behind the two TonyKarts it made it a Vortex 1-2-3

Final Positions

Ardigo Marco – 2007 Karting World Champion
Catt Gary (GB)
Bollingtoft Nikolaj (DK)
Abbasse Anthony (F)
Bailly Benjamin (B)
Varutti Alban (F)
Fore Davide (I)
Cesetti Sauro (I)
Bressan Alessandro (I)
Parrott Jason (GB)
Piccioni Antonio (I)
Cuoco Kevin (F)
Manzur Kazeem (GB)
Antonucci Francesco (I)
Bosca Alessandro (I)
Walker Jonathan (GB)
Rogers Christopher (GB)
Convers Armand (F)
Croxford Jamie (GB)
Nieminen Julius (FIN)
Mustonen Aleksi (FIN)
Christensen Michael (DK)
Vasiliauskas Kazimieras (LT)
Keyaert Glenn (B)
Merlini Francesco (I)
Dias Gabriel (BR)
Mancinelli Daniel (I)
Litchfield Mark (GB)
Thonon Jonathan (B)
Poncelet Julien (F)
Alfano Floriano (F)
Kozlinski Arnaud (F)
Calado James (GB)

In the Pre Final Marco Ardigo took the lead early, with Catt falling back to third. He was soon into second and in pursuit of Ardigo, but it looked as if both drivers settled into tyre saving mode. Another man on the move was Jason Parrot who came sixth. The big surprise was the retirement of Davide Fore. It looks as if his chances of 5 World Championships are now over.

KF1 Pre Final

1 Ardigo Marco (I) 15 Laps
2 Catt Gary (GB) 0.948
3 Bollingtoft Nikolaj (DK) 1.251
4 Bailly Benjamin (B) 3.296
5 Kozlinski Arnaud (F) 3.515
6 Parrott Jason (GB) 3.969
7 Calado James (GB) 4.243
8 Alfano Floriano (F) 5.802
9 Cuoco Kevin (F) 6.196
10 Bressan Alessandro (I) 6.317

Fastest Lap: J Mengers – 53.952

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