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Whilton Mill Lap Record and Success For Taylor International & the SodiKart TTT Chassis

By Karting1 ~ March 28th, 2011. Filed under: Announcements.

Whilton Mill hosted a fantastic race for Taylor International which included a new lap record for driver Henry Easthorpe on the new Sodi TTT chassis. It was not just Henry who was fast, team-mate Rob Gilford was equally rapid. They both led the time-sheets on Saturday, and Henry took two tenths off the lap record in his first heat. A truly remarkable achievement for Rob, Henry and the new Sodi TTT chassis at one of the UK’s most competitive tracks for Rotax.

Taylor International karting logo

Unfortunately several incidents in the third heat saw Henry DNF. Despite starting 18th and getting knocked off, he made it to 4th until more contact saw his chain fall off. What was an almost certain pole position for the final, became 12th after this result.

Taylor International’s other driver Rob Gilford started the final 2nd after some superb heat results. Both drivers made good starts until a collision on lap 6 took out the leading group leaving some really slippery corners to negotiate.

Henry saw himself amazingly go from 8th into 1st. Rob also did a great job of dealing with the incident and saw himself in 3rd. From lap 6 onwards it was a 3-way battle with both Rob and Henry in the hunt for the win.

Starting the last lap Henry had pulled about a three kart gap, but unfortunately he caught a back marker right at the wrong time. The rival driver was able to fortunately take advantage and steal the win right at the last minute. Rob was able to take advantage of the battle to close right up and finish a very close 3rd. It was a great spectacle and everyone watching enjoyed this thrilling fight. A fantastic result for Taylor International as this is only the third time the team has raced at Whilton Mill.

After the stunning performance of the new Sodi TTT, interest is high for the chassis. If you would like to test the Whilton Mill lap record holding chassis and latest SO DIFFERENT PRODUCTS it will only cost you £150.00. So please contact Taylor International for further details on the following number 07811 252949 and speak to Tim. Also please visit our website www.timuk.co.uk

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