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Tal-Ko Announce 2007 Changes to Formula TKM

By Karting1 ~ July 13th, 2006. Filed under: Hot Karting Rumours, Kart Racing News.

You may remember our post on TKM Elite for 2007. Well, Tal-Ko press released their Formula TKM regulations for 2007, and its looks as if TKM Elite will not happen. Here it is from Tal-Ko -

‘Foreign manufacturers are being given their first ever chance to homologate karts for the UK’s most successful kart racing series, Formula TKM, as part of a new look to the class for 2007 onwards.

Tal-Ko Racing, the owners of the Formula TKM class, have made the decision to open up the barriers to allow greater flexibility for the current UK manufacturers and to allow in new blood from overseas.

But while they have removed the UK only restriction, they have not made any significant changes to the detail technical regulations thus ensuring that older karts still remain just as competitive.

Announcing the decision, Tal-Ko Racing Managing Director Alan Turney said:” We have had long discussions and it was felt that lifting the UK-only basis of the class would make life easier and more cost effective for everyone but not do any harm to the class.

“It means now that if a UK manufacturer can buy certain components abroad at a better price then they are free to do so. It should help maintain Formula TKM as being the best value class there is.”

While overseas manufacturers may make karts for the class, they must have a UK-based agent who is actually handling the kart sales and that agent must be a member of the British Kart Industry Association.

With the class now 16 years old, it has been a mainstay of both Junior and Senior karting categories for many years. It also helped produce today’s car top motor racing names such as Jenson Button, Anthony Davidson, Gary Paffett and Robbie Kerr.

Official documentation for the 2007 homologation period has now been released for all those companies wishing to make new karts for the class and these are available to download below, or phone 01767 691622. Closing date for applications is August 31, 2006 with inspections taking place in November.’

I believe they have made a big mistake! Formula TKM needed a big change to gain big results. Unfortunately keeping the class pretty much as it is may spell the end for Formula TKM. With a market dominated by Italian chassis, and Rotax, Formula TKM needed to come up with something that would attract people to it big time. An important factor for most kids when chossing a class is the look. And there is no doubt that a new, wide, big Italian chassis will look 100x better than any Formula TKM chassis! This is now not going to happen!

No doubt the current crop of Formula TKM drivers will be happy, as it means their current equipment will still be usable in the years to come.

But I fear in the long term. With Rotax becoming ever more popular TKM needed to raise its stakes! These rule changes might keep some business going for the short term, but I can only see the end for Formula TKM. I hope I am proven wrong

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2 Responses to Tal-Ko Announce 2007 Changes to Formula TKM

  1. Mary-Ann

    TKM is the new Yamaha!

    Unfortunately I think Formula TKM is dead whatever they do with it, but that doesn’t mean Tal-Ko won’t be the ones with the next big thing if they decide to move on.

  2. Will

    i think it is dead too, because people nowdays dont want PROPER karts. Im glad they didnt go the CIK chassis route, coz i cant afford a 2.5k chassis every year…

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