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Strong Reaction to 2010 TKM regulations Changes – Jade, JKH, and Drivers Talk to Karting1!

By Karting1 ~ October 8th, 2009. Filed under: Karting Podcast.

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TKM is going to be a different beast in 2010 with new chassis and tyre regulations so we got hold of major TKM chassis team and chassis manufacturers Jade Karts and JKH to see what they think about the changes. We also chat to drivers Dean Golba who races TKM nationally, as well as Chris Kasch who races at club level to see what their thoughts are. Both of whom are concerned about what the future holds for them.

Dean Golba is concerned in 2010 the TaG BT82
performance may render his current direct drive gear worthless

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10 Responses to Strong Reaction to 2010 TKM regulations Changes – Jade, JKH, and Drivers Talk to Karting1!

  1. TKM Beast

    If it aint broke……!!!!!!

  2. Frank the Tank

    Well, something isn’t right because it looks like they’ve taken a big chance with all this. To risk upsetting a loyal customer base to chase disgruntled Rotaxers tells me TKM is seeing the writing on the wall. It seems like a last act of desperation to me.

  3. jezzer

    im looking forward to it
    faster tyres faster motors and faster karts

    we need a boost and faster laptimes in extreme so bring it on

  4. Paul

    Faster tyres, faster motors and faster karts, isn’t that an entirely new class?
    Surely all the TKMers out there will need to buy these new Faster Tyres, Faster Engines and Faster karts, which makes the whole idea ridiculous!

    Surely, just new tyres would be good. but new engines and new chassis, all seems a bit of an end to TKM as we know it.
    Such a shame. I hope the new engines aren’t alot faster, and that the opening up of the chassis regs doesn’t render all TKM chassis out of date as that could easily destroy TKM.
    I really really hope that doesnt happen. But it doesnt seem to make sense. Someone enlighten me????

  5. Mark

    Class destroyed my opinion , its back to rotax next year for us !
    To be on the pace new chassis required, plus all existing tkm karts now worthless
    Can see the reason for opening chassis regs up but do they honestly think everyone is going to run round on old rotax chassiss, this is karting ! the best rotax will become the best tkm
    Cannot see the incentive for any one to come into JTkm next year when it will cost about the same as going into rotax

  6. Elias

    Listening to this, it sounds as though the only people who are happy are people who will be making money. John Hoyle presumably will sell more chassis and the teams will be kept busier. It sounds like the wants of the core of people who race in TKM are being ignored, such as simplicity and cost. Its a low cost class and should be kept that way. Especially in the middle of a recession. Well done to Mark Allen for having some foresight

  7. luke

    i think this sounds like a good idea, not for people who own current tkm reg karts but for anyone going from rotax, kf etc, to a cheaper class, to save money you could get an older chassis, is this correct? if this is the case then all senior classes will use similar chassis making it easy to swap classes. im thinking of switching from formula blue, what are you thoughts on this transition? cheers guys

  8. kev

    changes have got me switching to tkm. at club level this can only be a good thing were not everyone feels they need new tyres etc every raceday. looking forward to 2010. negative comments from folks will only have a negative effect on grid sizes so…

  9. mdm

    Mark ur having a laff ! if u think that rotax will cost the smae as tkm then u obviously dont understand money, if u want to be competitive in rotaz, u spend way more than 6grand which is wat it takes to come 2nd in super 1 tkm!!!

  10. John

    Currently original 2009 tkm chassis is as quick as new rotax chassis in my opinion but, rotax chassis is easier to drive, guys who used to be further down the field are now fighting near the front. Tyres i believe has spoilt tkm, yes quicker lap times less skill required, the old tyres where better as you needed more skill. My problem is the new tag engines, increase weight to help average persons weight, yeah right..!!!! extra weight covers the tag engine/parts weight, that’s why the class has increased weight. Trouble is these engines seem quicker so maybe the only way forward, problem for me is i am still over weight, if i add tag engine i will be way way over. I hope class increases as we need more on the grids.

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