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Senna’s Greatest Rival – Terry Fullerton Stars at Senna Movie Screening

By Karting1 ~ May 6th, 2011. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

The answer was supposed to be Alain Prost. The driver who Ayrton Senna had most famously waged war with for nearly a decade in F1. But Mark Fogarty, who had asked Senna who he considered his greatest ever rival, would have been understandably shocked to find that it wasn’t the French 4x F1 World Champion that Senna described. It was 1973 Karting World Champion Terry Fullerton.

At a recent screening of the Senna Movie, hosted by F1 journalist James Allen, Terry Fullerton was asked to the stage where he described his years racing with Ayrton.

Highlights from the screening -

Fullerton and Senna had been team mates for 3 years and after the screening Terry said “It made me feel very good. I’m glad he said it. I knew he had a lot of respect for me. We were team mates for 3 years… I often beat beat him, I often went faster than him and he never really got the measure of me. So he left karting without ever really having a measure of me. I was still on top when he left. So I knew he respected me and thought quite a lot of me as a driver. It was just nice to hear it, you know? Especially all these years later. It was great”

The Senna Movie goes on general release across the UK June 3rd.

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