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Schumi Now Joint Kart Team Owner

By Karting1 ~ February 8th, 2008. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

Old news now we know :) but the official presentation of Schumacher, and his friends Peter Kaiser and Thomas Muchow new kart team – KSM Racing Team – was made earlier this week. Schumacher had recently rejected a role at Ferrari , and maybe his investment in KSM Racing team, actually announced last year, played a role in his decision.

Schumacher told Gazzetta dello sport – “I still drive karts with a passion, I grew up with them. I owe everything to karting and I never gave it up” “In all these years I have never lost my love for karting.”

They will be racing at the German and European Championships in 2008, and have signed Carlos Sainz son, Carlos Sainz Jr, to race KF3.

But will we see Schumacher return to competition this year? The odds are low, but you never know!

KSM Launch Gallery>>

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