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Maxter CIK TaG Homologation 2007 Images!

By Karting1 ~ August 25th, 2006. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

Eagle eyed Mary-Ann from Kartlink has sourced some CAD (Computer Aided Design) images of Maxters next generation 2007 Homologation CIK TaG engine from this website.

maxter cik tag

The Rotax style power valve is clearly visible, so it seems that this is the genuine article. The engine itself is tidy enough, and it looks a lot better than its forefather the messy Rotax MAX!

maxter cik tag

However, it does seem strange that Maxter release this so soon. The pictures date back to July 30th. The fear is that due to the unknown quality of each manufacturer’s engine, only one engine will come out on top when they race. I can’t quite understand why Maxter have shown their hand so early. If, however, these are just CAD images the design may change from this.

maxter cik tag

The deadline is approaching for the end of development on the new CIK TaG engines. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more engines come to the surface over the next few months.

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4 Responses to Maxter CIK TaG Homologation 2007 Images!

  1. p.r.d fireball

    Do anyone now how much does it revs and the bhp ?

  2. news

    17,500rpm at 30+hp

  3. p.r.d fireball

    it is better then the comer 365 ?

  4. joe

    i thing yes its better than the 365 comer but the comer have a new engine the 366 tag

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