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Karting1.co.uk Welcomes New Arrival – Parilla TT75 Kart Engine.

By Karting1 ~ September 16th, 2006. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

We are proud to present our new arrival at Karting1.co.uk. At approximately 08:30 14/09/2006 a Parilla TT75 100cc was delivered into the brave new world.

tt75 kart engine
We would like to thank Jeff Gary from Retro Karting who helped us welcome this little beauty into the Karting1.co.uk family.

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1 Response to Karting1.co.uk Welcomes New Arrival – Parilla TT75 Kart Engine.

  1. p.r.d fireball

    high revs engine and very fast

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