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By Karting1 ~ November 26th, 2009. Filed under: Announcements.


Leading Kart seat manufacturer Iztech creates cutting edge Kart rib + chest protector.

Iztech kart seats have teamed up with sports body armour specialists Forcefield Performance to create the all new Iztech Rib + Chest Protector. Combining the expertise of the two companies Iztech’s managing director Kevin Nuttall believes they have created a very special product. “By using the soft armour technology that Forcefield implement across their entire range and combining it with our knowledge of seat construction we have ended up with a rib and chest protector that is both thin and flexible giving you superior feel and feedback from the seat and kart as well as being the first Kart protector to carry a CE approved certificate which guarantees its ability to perform.”

The new rib protector will be unveiled at Kartmania on 28th and 29th November with several sizes available to cover drivers from cadet to senior.

Iztech Kart Seats was established in 2006 and specialises in the design and manufacture of Kart seats, chain guards and carbon fibre floor trays.  Iztech are constantly updating their range and exploring new boundaries – using the latest composites and manufacturing methods.

Tel: 01908 511 000

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