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IAME Parilla Reedster KF3 Kart Engine Debuts in UK at PFi

By Karting1 ~ February 5th, 2007. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

Grice Motorsport have confirmed that they were able to test the IAME KF3 at PFi last Friday.

We caught up with them to ask about the performance. They had this to say -

“The engine performed well and we were very pleased. It was about 3-4 tenths quicker than a JICA, but with the extra weight we can expect the KF3 to run at a similar pace to the JICAs. It sounds very similar to a Rotax and is very quiet, as quiet as a Rotax, and even a Cadet, or WTP. The engine is very nice inside and well built, as with any Italy engine. We are very pleased with it.”

Parilla Reedster
KF1 Version – Parilla Reedster – IAME.it

Unfortunately anyone hoping to get a glimpse of the new engine will be out of luck because the engine is going back to Holland. But we can expect to see more of these engines in the coming weeks.

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