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ERDF Bercy Masters Electric Kart Officially Launched

By Karting1 ~ May 3rd, 2011. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

The ERDF Bercy Masters Electric Kart has been officially announced on the event’s website.

The kart itself uses a 65V electric motor hitting out 25KW (approx 33.5hp) on a SodiKart ST32 chassis. The radiator is part of a liquid cooling system that controls the temperature of the power management system. Divided into two, the battery uses Nickel Colbalt Manganese. The kart should last 15 minutes before a re-charge, which takes around 30 minutes. Just enough to complete the races.

SodiKart Electric bercy kartERDF Bercy Masters

The kart weighs in at 115kg. In comparison a Rotax usually comes in around 85kg. Eye witnesses say it laps similar to a Rotax MAX kart on pace.

The ERDF Bercy Masters takes place on the 10th/11th December.


Here’s some footage of the kart being driven

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