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Conclusions from the World Championship

By Karting1 ~ September 23rd, 2007. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

Marco Ardigo has finally won the Karting World Championship. However questions will be raised about the performance of the Vortex KF1 engines over everyone else. There is no doubt Ardigo is a worthy winner, and he has been waiting to win the World Karting Championship for a long time. He probably would have won on last year’s generation of kart engines, but you can’t help feeling a slight bit of dissatisfaction that none of the non-Vortex runners could mount a strong challenge for the title.

What we witnessed over the weekend was that in raw race pace; the Vortex KF1 had an edge over everyone else. The top Vortex runner qualified over 2 tenths quicker than the next quickest non-Vortex runner in timed practise. This performance was echoed throughout the 2007 European season with TonyKart/Vortex taking 100% of victories.

In last years World Championship there was 4 separate manufactures placed in the top 5 after timed qualifying, but this year it was a Vortex whitewash. In the 2006 European Championship, three different engine manufacturers took victories, but this year Vortex won them all.

Marco Ardigo is one of the most successful kart racers in history,
and we can’t detract from this. Also, TonyKart/Vortex have to be praised. What they have achieved with the development of their KF1 package is amazing. It’s unprecedented in karting to have such domination and success for a team. But there a risk that if this form continues from TonyKart/Vortex, karting might start to replicate Formula 1 where we no what car and what driver will win even before the race weekend has begun.

The IAME, TM, and occasionally PCR all have serious pace (Davide Fore set the fastest lap in the final for IAME), but it seems they can’t produce it at the critical moments of the weekend, and this is worrying for KF1 level karting. Karting is heralded, as one of the closest forms of motorsport in the world and KF1 is the pinnacle, and the ultimate representation of karting. However, it appears increased reliability has been traded with the loss of parity between engine manufactures at the moment.

Let’s hope 2008 brings closer competition between the engine manufacturers in KF1.

In KF2, arguably the most important class of the KF programme, the field is a lot tighter and Vortex do not have as big as an advantage as they do in KF1. Several engine manufacturers have a chance of winning. Will Stevens has looked supreme this year with his TonyKart/Vortex but there isn’t any doubt that the other competitors can challenge the Vortex package in KF2.

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