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BANNED – Front braking systems outlawed in Super 1 KF2 2011!

By Karting1 ~ November 12th, 2010. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

After a number of competitors and teams voted to against the usage of front braking systems in KF2, S1 have decided to outlaw front braking systems for the 2011 KF2 Super 1 MSA British Karting Championship in a bid to reduce costs and improve the spectacle.

Drivers will no longer have the luxury of grabbing some extra front end braking!

With KF3 not having any front braking system anyway, it is unknown whether this latest decision will have an impact on entries for KF2, but it will save at least £500 per kart and the decision is popular between drivers and teams looking to save money.

2010 has been a turbulent year for the KF classes in the UK as the Super KF MSA British Karting Championship was terminated halfway through the season due of lack of entries. The other KF classes also saw a down turn in popularity. Drivers and teams sight cost as the main hurdle in regard to entering the KF classes.

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