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2010 TKM Tony Kart Viper Ready to Roll

By Karting1 ~ January 14th, 2010. Filed under: Kart Racing News.

viper2010-32010 Tony Kart Viper Elite

Paul Carr Racing has released the all new Tony Kart Viper for the new TKM 2010 regs. Considering the dominance that the Paul Carr designed Viper has shown in TKM, we expect nothing less from the 2010 incarnation. The chassis has been designed with a permanent front torsion bar and 50mm rear axle ready to take full advantage of the new TKM regs.

We look forward to testing it soon on Karting1 !

If you’ve been waiting to find out what Paul Carr and Tony Kart were going to do for the 2010 TKM regulations before you committed to your TKM kart choice then we’ve got a great offer here:-

Insane offer from EvenFlow and Karting1 on the new TonyKart Viper

The price and spec list is here

viper2010-1Clubman Braking system

viper2010-4Elite Braking System

viper2010-2Clubman Brake Master Cylinder

viper2010-5Elite Brake Master Cylinder

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