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The Revolutionary Kart Chassis from Maranello - The RS8 Tested

Thanks to Maranello Kart Ltd UK and Kart Tune we were able to do a full days testing with the new RS8 chassis from Maranello. It's the first time we've seen any innovation in kart chassis design for years, and we could not wait to get our hands on it - and our test driver Will Dendy was not disappointed with the performance from this fantastic kart!

Check out the video below to see the maranello RS8 track test with maxter KF2 spec engine. Will explains that if you are smooth and in good shape this chassis will deliver exceptional performance!



Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis
The RS8 from above - the cross member allows linear chassis flex across the front end of the kart.



 Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Front
The black clamps you can see joining the top and bottom cross members can be moved to allow the top tube to bend more or less, allowing small adjustments of front stiffness instead of the usual bar in or bar out.


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Front Set Up
Adjusting the clamps is very easy, just loosen and move them outward to go stiffer, or narrower for a softer front end.


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Rear
Centrally mounted rear brakes for more effective cooling and high stability.


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis
Will Dendy enjoying the directness of the chassis response to small steering inputs but he missed the support he usually gets from an Iztech Kart Seat


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis
Through the spoon at PFI the kart lifted the inside rear kart predictably and easily.


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Godbehere
James Godbehere was available for valuable advice - He loves his RS8 and says it rewards the smoothest drivers.


Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Godbehere David
Paul Godbehere helped keep the kart running beautifully all day.

Full RS8 Test Gallery Here>>

For more infomation on the Maranello RS8 contact Maranello Kart Ltd UK or call them on +44 (0) 1636 626005

Test Driver Will Dendy Interview