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The World's Best Kart Drivers Analysed so You Can Copy them...On Video!

Terence Dove of Evenflow Kart Driver Coaching

I'm going to show exactly what 3 of the world's fastest kart drivers are doing on the UK's most simple hairpin corner. I have deliberated a great deal about whether or not to release this information, because if you can nail this perfectly you won't need a coach!!

All you need to do is exactly copy these drivers to become terrifically fast...Of course when you get to the track you will find this rather tricky...but you have to start somewhere right!



Here we go...

Driver 1 Jason Parrot newly appointed official Maranello Factory Driver

Watch the karting clip of Jason Parrot here first. Then carefully read these notes, because it's the detail that counts here!


1. Jason approaches his braking zone with his posture set, sitting upright. He then moves about a foot away from the edge of the track....because he knows the kart is about to step out when he brakes, and he knows by how much exactly.

2. Watch carefully and listen hard for when he brakes. He brakes hard and the kart's rear steps out.

3. Jason knew this would happen and holds the slide with gentle adustment. Listen carefully to those tyres scrabbling for grip, also notice he has allowed the kart to drift back toward the very outside if the track before he turns in.

4. Before he turns the wheel into the hairpin, notice he has the kart sliding with a little opposite lock. Then at his turn in point, he turns the kart into the corner.This is the important bit: he turns the wheel gently and holds the steering wheel in postion...he does't turn in hard, he turns gently with minimum turn.

5. He holds that steer angle on the wheel until he hits the apex. And take not how he hits a late apex

6. As soon as he hits the apex he straightens the wheel

7. Next important bit: After straightening the wheel he still needs to adjust the direction of the kart- so he makes tiny adjustments, anxiously, and then gets the wheel straight again...he is constantly concerned with keeping that wheel straight ahead, and only turns in small increments...absorb this point!

Summary: get a feel for Jasons style. he brakes hard and feels the slide, his next priority is to use as little steering as possible, holding the steering angle on the way into the apex, then straightening on exit, keeping adjustment to minimum. You can see he is very keen to get that wheel straight ASAP

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