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The Kart Driving Techniques the Champions Use

If you speak to anyone smart in karting they will tell you to get your driving sorted out before you get into any technical set-ups, or spending out on rubber.

This year Terence coached the Spanish Rotax Champion, the UK Cadet Open Champion, 2nd place British Champs TKM driver and a whole bunch of winners who all swear by his techniques. He the mind behind EvenFlow Kart Training so study these articles carefully



Up to date articles from EvenFlow kart coach Terence Dove

Articles written exclusively for Karting1
The Hidden Secret Behind Driving Smooth Learn the secrets of driving like a karting pro!
Kart Driving in the WET Learn how to master wet karting conditions with outstanding wet technique by Curt Holme on video

Braking is the Key to Becoming a Fantastic Karting Driver Learn about the art of braking in a kart and learn how to really feel you kart, brakes and tyres...INCLUDES VIDEO


How to Overtake ANY Kart You Want
Overtaking in karting is easy once you've read this! You can learn how to stick your kart up the inside of any driver and stop them coming back at you. Warning This information may occasionally cause you to attract the attention of officials!
Starting Kart Races- Prepare for Your Starts and Follow Simple Steps
Remarkable and simple ways to blitz the opposition when the lights turn green. Kart Coach Terence Dove had words with one driver on the grid before a Super 1 final and he had the start of a lifetime against the country's toughest kart drivers...find out exactly what he said!
Master Class- Steering and Karting Lines
How come some drivers seem to effortlessly drive away from you. Find out what Terence Dove discovered by studying the world's best karters in Super Slow Motion. This is for kart racers who are highly skilled and want to move on up. This includes video of the worlds top karters!
Mark Litchfield Overtaking Driving Techniques on Video - In our opinion Britain's best driver, and maybe the world's best, Mark Litchfield is caught on camera storming through the pack at PF. Check out how he makes hairpin passes look easy and his own special overtaking spots at PF
Track Guides- detailed step by step instructions of how to get round popular kart tracks fast.
Bump Starting a Kart - detailed guide on how to get your kart bump started