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Show the World Your 'Rude Boy' Karting Lock Ups!!


Matt bell karting

Find out how Matt Bell uses specific karting techniques to win the british Championships

Its the Karting 1 lock up video gallery, theres no competion or prizes, its just an opportunity for you to show the world what a freak you are on the brakes. To send in your own video there is a form at the very bottom of the page.

So far the Ozzies are kicking your arse, check out Dave Sera and Luke Ellery tearing it up as the Worlds Ultimate Karting Bad Boys!!



Luke Ellery

This is Australian Junior Rotax Champion Luke Ellery with two mental lock ups, www.elleryracing.com Check out Luke's even more crazy karting ideas when he drives a cadet kart with JICA motor!!


Dave Sera

And here is the King of Kart Lock Ups Dave Sera, multiple Australian kart champion....This is unbelievable!!

Michael Pereira

More Ozzies now showing us how it's done. Next up is Michael Pereira, IN THE DARK!



Sam Crack

Here Sam Crack is so pleased with himself he looks behind to see what damage he's done to the environment!

Brad Segda

Here's Brad Segda with two long slides,then our first 'in race' lock up.... what a nutter!

So wherever you are in the world, send us in your video of your karting lock-ups, and if its cool enough then you will feature here....and become WORLD FAMOUS!!




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